Toolkit for building the future: Notes from a start-up coach

We are starting to see glimpses of a future of robots, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, mapped genomes and drones. Yet, this future doesn’t appear ready-made – it is often seeded in labs and then gradually finds its way to market. Over the next 6 weeks I am working with some of the world’s smartest future-creators, … Continue reading Toolkit for building the future: Notes from a start-up coach


Pitching – how you frame and communicate your need – is essential to getting what you want.   I’ve been thinking about pitching for many years to support the entrepreneurs I work withwin competitions, create partnerships and raise funding. Pitching skills help us get what we want beyond starting a new business or initiative. We pitch … Continue reading GETTING WHAT YOU WANT: PITCHING


There are multiple ways we can intervene in the current business system in order to support change toward better environmental and social outcomes. One of these ways is to scale small initiatives that have the potential to create significant change in the current ways business operates. This is particularly effective where these ‘disruptors’ also act … Continue reading SCALING DISRUPTION